A creative agency that supplies inspiration & Solutions. from branding to retail design, WE CREATE memorable VISUALS THAT HELP convey COMPLEX IDEAS.    


Created by art director, Tanya Watkins, Will Work for Clothes was born out of a love of retail, fashion and design. Tanya has built a diverse portfolio and network of artists in her nearly fifteen years as a graphic designer and art director. Her career began with a heavy focus on brand development for both corporate and local independent businesses. This juxtaposition in clients' and mindset allowed her to to remain nimble & flexible in her thought process. It also instilled a deep love & understanding of strong branding, clean presentation, trend research and art direction.

Spending many years creating retail designs for Best Buy and 3M, she has become well versed on the retail landscape. Looking at each project through the eyes of the consumer, she creates distinct customer experiences that create a lasting impression. 

We are available to help on small or large projects alike, contact us today for rates & availability. 

SKills to pay the bills


+    Advertising Campaigns 

+    Brand Development

+    Photo Art Direction

+    Storyboard Development

+    UI/UX Design

+    Copy Writing

+    Print Consulting

+    Retail Design

+    3D Modeling


+    Adrienne Grahn

+    Adorn Tango Attire 

+    Amery Ale Works

+    BI Worldwide

+    Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI)

+    Cliché Clothing Store

+    Ignite Models, Inc.

+    MVP Marketing + Design

+    North Creative

+    Print Ready